The Renegade Diet By Jason Ferrugia

The Renegade Diet, written by chief training adviser to Men's Fitness Magazine, Jason Ferrugia, is an e-book that contradicts many popular beliefs about dieting and fitness. In this book the author states that breakfast is not the most important meal of the day, that a person should instead eat more in the evening and that eating small meals throughout the day does not help if you are trying to lose weight.  

There are three phases of this diet and they are the fasting phase, the under-eating phase and the overeating phase. The fasting phase takes about 16 hours, including time that you sleep the night before. This fasting phase means that you won't need breakfast. The under-eating phase is when you consume light meals for four hours, which consist of fats, protein and many vegetables. The overeating phase is when you are allowed four hours to eat what you want and consume more carbohydrates than normal. This overeating phase creates an anabolic weight loss effect, which can help you build more muscle.

The cost of this book is $29.99 and offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. There are several benefits of this diet that make it unique compared to other diets that deprive you from eating carbohydrates.  

Another plus factor is that you can eat at night. Actually, this book encourages you to "chow down" during dinner. Of course, you are given recommendations on what to eat and how much to eat during this phase. The author states that because you have eaten a lot at dinner, the glucose in your body will focus on digesting what you ate. This, in turn, will make you feel tired and you enjoy a better night's sleep.

In addition, this diet works well for vegetarians and females as well as males. The Renegade Diet is an especially good diet for vegetarians because it encourages a person to eat more vegetables during the under-eating and overeating phases. Also, this diet provides long term changes to one's lifestyle. The difference with The Renegade Diet compared to other diets is that it is more constant and has the potential to lead you toward a healthier diet for the future.

One other benefit is that this diet offers a wider variety of foods to choose from. It also includes "cheat days." This is when you can eat junk food like fries, beer and pizza. If there are downsides to this diet it would fasting, only comes in eBook form and is too time-specific.  

To conclude, The Renegade Diet is a diet that has many positive features and a few negative ones. However, if you are looking for a diet that encourages better eating habits for the long term, then you may want to check it out. Check out the Renegade Diet pdf today!